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Civil Breadth PE Exam Review Course

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Course Description

We aimed this course for civil engineering professionals looking for a complete and efficient program to prepare for the 40-question breadth section of the Civil PE Exam. The lesson presentations are rehearsed, recorded, and edited to deliver the information clearly and logically. We know how daunting it is to set up a study schedule for such a broad range of civil engineering topics, so this course serves to take away that guesswork. The fast-paced presentation style allows us to cover large amounts of information in a reasonable amount of time.

By the end of the course, you will have covered all the basic concepts and solved exam-like problems for all topics on the breadth section of the Civil PE Exam. All the presentation slides in the course will be available for you to download, so you’ll have notes, equations, tables, diagrams, and example problems organized for each topic and ready for you to bring on exam day.

Course Content:

  1. Quantity take off methods
  2. Cost estimating
  3. Project schedules
  1. Construction loads
  2. Construction methods
  3. Temporary structures and facilities
  1. Lateral earth pressure
  2. Soil consolidation
  3. Effective and total stresses
  4. Bearing capacity
  5. Foundation settlement
  6. Slope stability
  1. Dead and live loads
  2. Trusses
  3. Bending
  4. Shear
  5. Axial
  6. Combined stresses
  7. Deflections
  8. Beams
  9. Columns
  10. Slabs
  11. Footings
  12. Retaining walls
  1. Open channel flow
  2. Stormwater collection and drainage
  3. Storm characteristics
  4. Runoff analysis
  5. Detention/retention ponds
  6. Pressure conduit
  7. Energy and/or continuity equation
  1. Basic circular curve elements
  2. Basic vertical curve elements
  3. Traffic volume
  1. Soil classification and boring log interpretation
  2. Soil properties
  3. Concrete
  4. Structural steel
  5. Material test methods and specification conformance
  6. Compaction
  1. Excavation and embankment
  2. Construction site layout and control
  3. temporary and permanent soil erosion and sediment control
  4. Impact of construction on adjacent facilities
  5. Safety

Access Period:

The course access period is 180 days (6 months) from the day you register. On average, students spend 3-4 months studying and preparing for the Civil PE Exam. Use this course to structure your study plan for the breadth section of the exam. If you fail the exam, we offer an opportunity to renew the course access period for one additional time for free. Please see the “Product Renewal Policy” section in the terms and conditions for more information. 

About the exam:

The NCEES Civil Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam is an 8-hour open-book national exam administered twice a year. The exam is broken up into a breadth section in the morning (40 multiple choice questions, 4 hours) and a depth section in the afternoon (40 multiple choice questions, 4 hours).  Visit NCEES

Watch an entire lesson for free:

We highly encourage you to check out the free 1-hour lesson to evaluate the presentation style and see the layout for the course module. Remember that everything you see on screen during the lecture will be available for download.